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1-Hour IT Training €55

Get 60 minutes of face-to-face, hands-on training with an elite Geek. You choose the topic ...(more)

2-Hour IT Training €100

Choose the tech topic and get an advanced 2-hour hands-on training with an elite Geek. ...(more)


Frustrated by free training courses that leave you working with a manual?
Fed up with learning features that you really don’t need to know?
Do tasks on the computer take longer than they used to by hand?

Listed below are some of the most common queries and difficulties, but tuition can be tailored to suit your exact needs:-

Microsoft Word
Such a vast package with so many features, but can you for example do the following?

•Set up a template for your own letterhead?
•Use auto-text to type common phrases?
•Use bullets and numbers for items in a list?
•Use tables – add or remove borders, use the tab key in a table, merge and split the cells?
•If you typed fRED bLOGGS can you swop it quickly to Fred Bloggs ?
•Use columns for your text?
• nsert graphics, put them where you want on the page and then wrap the text around them?

 E-mail and the Internet
•Can you change your view so that you can preview your messages?
•Can you set up and display folders for your messages?
•What do you do with read messages?
•Is your in box overflowing?
•Can you sort your messages into alphabetical order?
•Can you have messages from one particular sender in a different colour?
•Can you use your calendar, task list and notes?

•We all know that Google is the best Search Engine, but do you understand which box to use for an address and which to use for searching?
•Do you know how to refine your search so that you don’t get thousands of pages to check?
•Can you use history?
•Are you familiar with favourites or bookmarks, can you organise your favourites?
•What are cookies?
•Do you know how to e-mail a web page?
•Can you save a web page?
•Can you save the pictures from a web page?

Managing your Computer
Can you use My Computer or Windows Explorer?

•If you give a document the wrong name can you re-name it?
•If you have lost a file that you are sure you have saved can you find it?
•Can you search for it by name and by date?
•Can you organise your work into folders?
•Can you move or copy work from one folder to another?
•Do you understand the different icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc
We are eager to help you with all of the above and more, including other programs with the Microsoft suite such as Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Front

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