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Internet Promotion and Search Engine Optimisation

Paying out too much for internet advertising?
Need to generate high lead volumes from Search Engines?

Dramatically increase your website traffic , substantially increase sales conversions , broaden your market share and dominate your competition. Achieve TOP 10 PLACEMENTS in the main results area of Google, Yahoo, MSN, using  YOUR SEARCH TERMS.

At the last count there were over 3 billion websites out there; search engine optimization is the most cost effective means of having your website found in a prominent position in the major search engines rankings. Search engine optimisation has grown into a multi billion dollar industry for a few simple reasons, one of them being the average cost per click is a fraction of that of 'paid for' positioning. If you are to be listed in search engines, the major search engines that is, it's far better to start sooner rather than later. Don't forget, there are billions of websites out there; there are billions of pages not even ranked in the search engines.

Search engine optimization and search engine positioning is not an overnight process, one of the reasons why we prefer to form a close working relationship with our clients, monitoring their website's performance on a regular basis, with search engine positioning reports at their fingertips and ongoing optimisation of their website throughout the year.

Not rocket science, just ethical search engine techniques to have you ranked on the first page of the big three search engines; MSN, Yahoo, Google. Oh, and to sustain those top ten results throughout your time with us.

We're proud to show off our top website listings, we're delighted to hear client's comments when they are at the top of the search engine listings. 

The following steps and prices are the typical costs involved. At all times a personalised quotation will be prepared based on the selected key-phrases.

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1) Find your key phrases - €0

What are web site keywords and how do I go about finding keywords that will work for me?


2) Website analysis and search engine optimizations €150-€500

Optimise your page for the search engines and target your pages to your keywords ...(more)

3) Initial Search Engine Registration and Directory Registration €200

A kick start into getting known on the internet..(more)

4) Paid Inclusion of Website to the Major Search Engines and Directories

Worth investing in, particularly if you want results fast

5) One off link campaign of 50 active links from €650

To include purchase of some paid one-way links from high ranking sites ...(more)

6) Reciprocal link campaign from €350 per month

12 hours a month to maintain and improve page rank position. ...(more)

7)Search Engine Re-Registration €100 every two months

To refresh and re-index your pages ...(more)

8)Search Engine Ranking Reports  €20 a month

Find out what's happening with your site and how your keywords are performing...(more)
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