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Content management System
Add/Edit Page Add & edit web pages - no knowledge of html required
Edit Pages Delete or update pages
Sort Pages Reorder your site - with auto menu rebuilding for many menu layers
Look and feel Integrate & manage custom design templates colours and graphics
Site Settings Control site-wide interactive settings
Shop Links Integrate e-commerce shopping carts
Picture Library Upload & manage unlimited images
File Library Upload & manage unlimited digital assets
Link Library Add & control links with link-checker
Users Add and manage unlimited users and manage their roles
Content Search Search published & unpublished content
Text-Only Add a text-only version automatically
Email-page Add email page functionality
NewsLetter Manage your Newsletter and send bulk emails to your users
Search Add search facility for site visitors
Statistics Analyse site visitors and their behaviour
Sitemap Easily provide a sitemap for your website
Banners Promote other businesses on your site
iframe create a window to another webpage on another website.
News Feed Provide your visitors with up-to-date, topical information on any range of topic.
Feedback Allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the portal. therefore protects your email against spam
User Groups Add multiple groups & configure permissions
Discussion module Provide a simple discussion module for your site
Optional Modules Description  
News Module Add "Latest News" module  
Scrolling News Email broadcast module  
Contact Manager Organise contact information and manage multiple contact lists  
Secure Download Allows you to secure your download without SSL  
Store Full shopping cart store system  
Events Searchable events calendar  
Forums Moderated, email-alerting Discussion Forum  
Sub Portal Add a child portal within your portal  
Help Desk
Add A Help Desk and Information Base are included with Support Desk  
Statistics Automatic reporting of  web traffic  
Forms Creator Create, multi-page, database linked Forms that is saved in database or send as emails to certain users  
Media Movie & Music module including an embedded media player with a list of movies or music. This module is very much download hungry so for high usage the costs may be higher  
Time Sheet Add Time Sheet Reviewers” Time Sheet Users have their own page to enter their data.  
Survey This Survey allows you to create custom surveys to obtain public feedback  
Short Cuts Add 'shortcut' to another Module elsewhere on your site  
Slide Show Slide show allows you to show number of images of your product or services on a page.  
Workflow Show number of images of your product or services on a page one after the other  
Multilingual Manage multiple language versions - a module that you can use for your multi language content  

Features of our websites

Many people like to be hands on with their website, not least due to the cost of designing websites or having changes made to a website at web designer rates of pay. Larger companies may have the budget to have their own design team or have a bespoke website built for them (yes, we do that too!), but for those conscious of their yearly spend, it makes a great deal of sense to not have to pay a web designer each time they have a 'special offer' to promote, or their business is in any way seasonal, calling for frequent design changes to their site.

Re-writable websites; often called 'content management', put you firmly in the driver's seat. We often hear clients say their web designer is on holiday or they have a waiting list; well if you could add content and manage the content of your website whenever you like, you wouldn't be shackled with the worry of having that deadline to move stock or change with the tide would you?

Our re-writable content management package gives you the freedom to make any website changes whenever you like, a simple interface asks you what website changes you wish to make, whether it is to add or delete a page, delete or add images, change text, font, colour schemes, logos and layout. It will even walk you through the process of naming pages and which should link to where!

A Cost efficient, foolproof content management system is available to anyone that wants to design their own website. Our re-writable website software was designed with flexibility, convenience, ease of use and flair, at a price that's less than one decent sized magazine advertisement.

Your business on the Internet is a valuable business asset; our professional designers will create your site initially, designing the templates of pages in your corporate identity then walk you through the simple instructions of taking control of your new website.

For full details try our online demo to see how simple it is.

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